Vila i frid

Don´t cry for the horses

Don't cry for the horses

That life has set free

A million white horses

Forever to be


They were ours as a gift

But never to keep

As they close their eyes

Forever to sleep


Their spirits unbound

On silver wings they fly

A million white horses

Against the blue sky


Look up into heaven

You'll see them above

The horses we lost

The horses we loved


Manes and tails flowing

They Gallop through time

They were never yours

They were never mine


A million white horses

Free from hunger and pain

Their spirits set free

Until we ride again

 by Brenda Riley-Seymore

Vila i frid på de evigt gröna ängarna, finaste Pelle gubben, tills vi ses igen! <3
/ Sofie

Postat av: Johanna

Voj älskade häst <3 :'(

2014-02-19 @ 16:50:29

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